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Tuesday, November 9, 1999


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New London web site to aid volunteers

By Stephanie Cesca
Gazette Staff

Volunteering could become a much easier task, as the provincial government donated $175,000 to the London community Friday to establish a new web site.

Information London, Information Elgin and the United Way of Oxford will use the money to help recruit volunteers, said Brian Parsons, head of the business development office for Information London.

Parsons said he proposed the idea to the government to fund the project, which would allow any member of the community to access a list of all volunteering organizations for the tri-county area on one web site.

An individual will be able to log onto the site and provide personal information and a specific area of interest, Parsons explained. The site will then display matching organizations as well as information on how the individual may learn about and contact the organization.

Parsons added this site will be much easy for people to use and could recruit an increased number of volunteers in the future, especially with up to 9,000 volunteers needed for the 2001 Canada Summer Games held in London next year.

Ward 2 councillor and executive director of Information London, Joe Swan, said creating the proposal and receiving word from the ministry took about nine months.

The $175,000, he said, will cover all of the costs for the data base and technology. Swan added the web site would be an excellent opportunity for Western students to see where they can spend important volunteer hours.

The web site should be completed soon, Parsons added. "We expect the public will be able to use this site, hopefully, by February or March in the new year."

Dianne Cunningham, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, presented the cheque and said she was pleased to contribute money to the cause. "Volunteers are what London is all about," she said. "And I know this new internet project will motivate many more people to become volunteers."

The new web site will make life a whole lot easier, said Sheila Loucks, manager of the London Community Resource Centre. Loucks said her job is to refer volunteers to various organizations which exist throughout the city.

University Students' Council president SzeJack Tan said listing the non-profit organizations of the USC on the site was something he would look into. "Publicity is a great thing. We'll take a look at it, see if it works and we'll go from there."

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