Volume 93, Issue 39

Tuesday, November 9, 1999


Everyone's free to ask questions

All political clubs host fundraisers

Surplus isn't as super as it may sound

Everyone's free to ask questions

Re: "Asking for $10 is $10 too much" Nov. 4

To the Editor:

Mike Werenich's concern was that a $10 wine and cheese reception limited the ability of students to have their say in "questions that concerned them the most."

Obviously, he forgot about the FREE question and answer session that Finance Minister [Paul] Martin had the next morning in Conron Hall. He also must have forgotten about several important communications media, like the phone, email, letter writing and so on. If he has a great idea, or a concern and couldn't make it to the Q & A session, why not write a letter to the minister, or submit a proposal to the finance committee like so many other people do?

He complains in his letter about tuition costs, which aren't even in the jurisdiction of the federal government. He further complains about the minister being paid by the public to do his job. He does do his job by making appearances before the finance committee, like last Tuesday, to give a budget update (I didn't see Mr. Werenich there) and by attending Q & As.

Is Mike trying to tell me that [Premier] Mike Harris has never been a guest at an evening fund-raiser priced out of the range of many?

The Western Young Liberals hosted the event and paid the expenses for the event. Ten dollars is hardly a monumental price to pay for such an event, especially when there exists an option to attend a free Q & A the next day. The fact of the matter is, Paul Martin is accessible to the public. There are plenty of opportunities for everyone to have their questions answered.

Finally, the ironic thing for me was that Mike didn't have a problem paying the money and getting in and the only question I heard him ask the minister was "Can I get a picture with you Minister Martin?" Hope the picture turned out great and way to fight for student issues!

Nawaz Tahir
President, Western Young Liberals

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