Volume 93, Issue 39

Tuesday, November 9, 1999


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All political clubs host fundraisers

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All political clubs host fundraisers

Re: "Asking for $10 is $10 too much" Nov. 4

To the Editor:

This is in response to Mike Werenich's letter on the $10 dollar fee charged to students at King's College to meet Finance Minister Paul Martin on Nov. 2. The fact is, this event was a fund-raiser and all partisan political clubs on campus host them at least once a year.

Paul Martin agreed to meet with the Western Young Liberals for a small partisan fund-raiser in which tickets would be sold. In most situations, such an event would be held off-campus, but because of the minister's popularity and drawing power we decided to host it on campus to allow more students to attend.

The $10 fee is the lowest price we have ever charged for a fund–raiser since I joined the club in 1997 and it is an extremely reasonable price given the prominence of the guest of honour.

Mr. Martin was available for free the next day, at University College, in a different setting in which he would not be available to meet and have a picture taken or ask any personal questions.

The response I received from those who attended was that they enjoyed themselves and that it was a good deal. Overall, the entire evening was a great success and I hope those who thought $10 was too much realize they missed out on a great opportunity to meet a wonderful man.

Peter Murphy
Western Young Liberals

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