Volume 93, Issue 39

Tuesday, November 9, 1999


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Surplus isn't as super as it may sound

Surplus isn't as super as it may sound

To the Editor:

Are we a little confused? When one collects from the Canadian people $100 billion dollars which was not needed – that is mismanagement.

I am certain that [Finance Minister] Paul Martin is like most politicians, honest, filled with good intentions and maybe a little egotistic. That's OK. But to compromise health care, education, farmers, jobs and end up with a surplus – my God!

Not only would I be embarrassed, I would know I had mismanaged the money. Imagine the same scenario in a company. The shareholders and stockholders would have his hide.

I am sorry, but I always thought our government was there for the people of Canada. This is certainly not reflected in their style of management.

Leslie J. Jedrychowski
Brossard, Québec

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