Volume 93, Issue 39

Tuesday, November 9, 1999


Warriors stomp out Mustangs

Ruggers capture the OUA crown

Can you say, dynasty?

Year of high hope ends on low note

Can you say, dynasty?

By Sean Maraj
Gazette Staff

Rumours which have become accepted fact: gravity makes things fall, the Earth is round and the Mustang men's soccer team will finish their season with the Blackwood trophy as well as the Ontario University Athletics championship.

The Mustangs roared into Ottawa on the weekend, vying for their fourth consecutive championship win and as expected, they did not disappoint. When the smoke cleared and the goals were tallied, the Mustangs had beaten the Carleton University Ravens 3-1 to claim their fourth championship in four years.

The team now advances to the Canadian Intercollegiate University Athletics championships held at the University of Victoria, Friday.

Western scored early in the game with a header by forward Ree Sann. Sann finished with two goals and was the team's Most Valuable Player. Richard Yendal would score again for the Mustangs half way through the first half, securing a solid lead which would culminate in the Mustangs' victory.

"We played exceptionally well, we created a lot of chances," said Rock Basacco, Western's head coach and recently named OUA coach of the year. "The first goal by Ree early in the game unsettled [Carleton] and also rattled the goalkeeper."

Carleton head coach Sandi Mackie said he was not happy with how his team played and thought they could have fared much better against the defending national champions. "We played poorly, we just didn't play well. We lost an early goal and lost discipline. This was the first time in 16 games we've [given up] three goals."

Mustang captain and defender Mike Potts, one of the few players to have been with Western for all four championships, said he was happy with how his team had played. He added it is difficult for a team to win four championships in a row.

"We did well, it's hard to get motivated after winning three in a row and come back and win again, but we came through," Potts said.

In comparing this championship team to the three which came before it, Potts said this year's squad had the potential to soar to greater heights and perhaps repeat as national champions.

"We are probably the most talented team from the four years. This team is more explosive," he said.

The Mustangs brought home more than just the OUA trophy this weekend, as five of the team's starters were named to the OUA West division first team all-stars. Potts, Sann, midfielder Alan Hume, midfielder Leo Savone and defender John Hasson walked away with honours to accompany Basacco's coach of the year.

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