Volume 93, Issue 20

October 1, 1999


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Ignorance, it shines through

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Ignorance, it shines through

Re: "Racism or sexism can't be reversed" Sept. 28

To the Editor:

Katrina Rudmin's ignorance shines through in her letter in the Sept. 28 issue of The Gazette. She defines racism as "...the systemic oppression of ...people of colour." Did she make this up?

Racism, as I would define it (and the dictionary agrees), is the hatred of another race and the belief that one race is superior to another. Period.

Rudmin also states that racism against white people does not exist. Her premise for this ridiculous claim is that since "a small minority" of white men oppress the "people of colour" in the world, once cannot be racist against whites (refer to silly definition above).

Here Rudmin makes an error in reasoning that, ironically, is commonly made by racists as well. She assumes that the actions of members of a certain race (white men oppressing people) define the traits of the entire race. This generalization is called a stereotype Ms. Rudmin.

Are we to believe then, that white peasants in Russia are oppressors? Men who are poorer than most minorities in this country?

Are white Amnesty International workers "oppressors" as well, even though they risk their lives trying to save people of all races? Finally, are the white civil rights advocates of the past and present "oppressors" even though they've fought and still fight against racism.

I would suggest Ms. Rudmin read over her letter before she writes The Gazette again. Hypocrisy is such a shameful offence.

Rob LaRoche
Biology III

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