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October 1, 1999


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Catching up on your Readings

Will Edmondson/Gazette
WE WILL STILL HIT YOU EVEN IF YOU THROW THE BALL AWAY. Eddie Readings (41) shows the Western defence has no mercy on any opponents.

By Chad Thompson
Gazette Staff

Hard work and dedication are at the core of every football player. Western Mustangs' defensive back, Eddie Readings, is certainly no different.

Readings began his football career at Catholic Central high school in London, Ontario. Although he had a successful secondary school career, university was not the first thing on his mind.

"Going through high school at first, I didn't think I would be at university. I just thought maybe it was not my thing. In grade 13, I was kind of unsure of what I wanted to do. I figured Western was close to home and I wasn't really into specializing somewhere. I figured Western had what I needed," the fourth-year sociology student said.

Readings said he feels his success in football comes as a result of his work in the off season. "I was never gifted with a lot of speed and size, I kind of had to work for what I have achieved so far," he said. "I feel that the more work you put in, the better player you are going to be, no matter what. In the off season, I put a lot of time in with running and weight training and it has helped. When I look back on my first year to now, it has definitely helped me."

Defensive co-ordinator Bob LaRose also points to Readings' work ethic as the reason for his success. "Eddie works hard, we have moved him around a lot from linebacker to defensive back and now he is our Mustang man. He has also worked hard at his strength and speed. He has a great understanding of football."

LaRose's sentiments were echoed by Mustang linebacker Darryl Fabiani, who said Readings was the hardest working player in the off-season. "He is the best guy to be around. He pumps you up for the game and he is a great player."

According to Readings, the hardest part of being a student athlete is the budgeting of time, as there never seems to be enough to budget. "I think the discipline part is the hardest. You have half an hour free, you think 'I could do some work or I could go to the gym and do a work out.' Between that, there's practicing and school work – it's just [about] being able to look at your day and plot things in when you are not doing anything."

When it comes to a career in the Canadian Football League, Readings said he's not putting much stock in the possibility. "It would be nice but I don't think so. I would give it a shot if it came along, I mean it is not a chance everyone gets."

Readings added he sees his future resting in fighting crime – not sacking quarterbacks. "I'm looking at a career in policing," he said. "I am looking at the Ontario Provincial Police, I have been doing volunteer work with the Ontario Provincial Police all summer."

As far as idols, Readings said growing up he focused on another hard hitting sport. "I played hockey for 12 years, it was always hockey players I looked up to," he said.

"Coming here as a little linebacker, a couple guys stick out in my mind, [linebacker] Patrice Denis took me aside and showed me a bit of the ropes. I learned more from watching him play and listening to him than anything else. [Linebacker] Derek Krete was another guy, you could ask them anything. But when I was younger it was always hockey and I love the Detroit Red Wings and Steve Yzerman."

On every team there are players who do not get their share of the spotlight – these are the unsung heroes of football. For Readings, two particular names come to mind in this category.

"Mark Chortos, our right inside linebacker. He doesn't get a lot of attention, he is not your typical defensive player. He is the kind of guy that gets the job done and he is a real character football player. You wouldn't notice him from the stands but he is a solid, tough player," Readings said.

"On offence – Dave Edwards. He reminds me of a lot myself. He does not have great speed or hands but he is a real hard worker. He is a hard nosed football player who works at practice and does every rep hard."

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