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Wednesday, October 13, 1999


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USC VP removed from office

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Caught on Campus

USC VP removed from office

By Nina Chiarelli
Gazette Staff

Western's student affairs have not been the same since last Thursday, when University Students' Council VP-student affairs Steve Zolis was removed from his position.

In a move dictated by USC by-laws, President SzeJack Tan said he had no choice but to remove Zolis from his position because no written proof of student registration had been provided.

"Our by-laws state that in order to be a member of the corporation, you have to be a student. Essentially he failed to provide proof he was a student," Tan said. He added the USC Board of Directors met to discuss the situation and outlined possible results last week.

Tan explained he had issued a formal notice for Zolis to provide proof of registration in September. "I asked for written proof and I didn't get it." He added numerous requests were made to Zolis since the initial request. "It's very regrettable," he said.

Zolis, who should be registered in his fourth year at King's College, said he thought he would be able to register for classes in January. "Basically, I didn't register for a class on time. It's a technicality," he said, adding his removal was not the result of misconduct. "Apparently, I had to make an application before September. It's a timing issue."

Zolis added he is meeting with the Dean of King's College today to discuss an appeal on the late registration. "It's just a stupid mistake on my part," he said. Zolis explained his appeal will be based on emotion and is expecting a decision right away. "It's not a long appeal process."

Presently, Zolis' portfolio, which includes clubs, the charity ball, Homecoming, orientation and Charlie Brown University is not being tended to, however Tan said there is no reason for concern. "We haven't had a VP-student affairs since Thursday, but it hasn't been a problem in the last four days."

The next move involves a proposal which will be presented to council at tonight's student council meeting, Tan said. "We want to come up with a detailed plan to solve this." He added he could not discuss what steps the USC Board is planning to take, however Zolis' reinstatement would depend on the circumstances. "This has never happened before and it's a significant personnel issue."

Senator-at-large Jeffrey Clayman, said he thought Zolis was doing a great job. "Steve was a fantastic leader, but we have to follow the by-laws that dictate corporate policy." Clayman added the council hasn't been officially notified of Zolis' removal, but he believed the issue would be heavily discussed at tonight's meeting.

Clayman also added while Zolis' removal was unfortunate, if Zolis was aware of his situation and failed to act, it could be seen as a major oversight on his part and would be a separate issue altogether.

Social science councillor Ray Novak agreed with Clayman and said he thought it was a disturbing turn of events. "I thought he was doing a great job," he said.

While there is still some question as to the fate of Zolis' portfolio, Novak said he believed if the Board could divide up its responsibilities then it would be a great way to have one less VP and save $20,000.

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