Volume 93, Issue 24

Wednesday, October 13, 1999


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Envious of Western's school spirit

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Envious of Western's school spirit

To the Editor:

I am from Windsor and two weekends ago, I was in London to get laser eye surgery done. I stayed at my friends house, who is a Western student. I was really fortunate enough to have come during Homecoming weekend.

I went to the football game on Saturday and I want to commend Western on the school spirit that I saw. I have never seen such school spirit in my life. Unfortunately, I really don't have the option to take part in that kind of school spirit in Windsor.

I find the work that your school did for your football game just absolutely amazing. I wanted to write this and I hope it gets published, to let you guys know how lucky you are to have such school spirit to take part in.

Paul Williams
Windsor, ON

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