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Thursday, October 14, 1999


Council reallocates fallen VP's portfolio

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Council reallocates fallen VP's portfolio

By John Intini
Gazette Staff

After a long and heated debate, the University Students' Council voted overwhelmingly in favour of dividing the portfolio of former VP-student affairs Steve Zolis between the remaining Board of Directors.

The Board presented a motion last night to place 10 of Zolis' 22 commissioners under the control of communications officer, Allison Norris.

However, a technicality which seemed to overturn the USC's decision to request Zolis' resignation was pointed out by Huron College councillor Chris Sinal prior to the debate. Under a university by-law, Sinal said Zolis had student status until Oct. 31. This lack of status was the reason he was asked to step down from council last Thursday.

Zolis came forward and thanked the council for their support, but said he would not return.

"I screwed up. I missed the deadline [to enroll for courses]," he said, holding back tears. "I've made this decision so as to not prolong the agony for another 14 days." He added he didn't see his situation changing by Nov. 1.

After Zolis made his announcement, the debate concerning his portfolio continued. USC President SzeJack Tan said although the plan was not perfect, it seemed to be the best possible option given the circumstances. He added the earliest an election could be held would be Nov. 10.

"As much as I understand the importance of electing someone to fill a void, I can't help but think this is the best proposal," he said.

VP-finance Derrick Taub added 17 of the 22 commissioners under Zolis had met Tuesday with Board members and agreed the proposal was a good one.

"If the commissioners are okay with this we should listen to them," said Jenn Wallace, a social science councillor. "They are the ones most affected by this."

However, the absence of an election raised some serious concerns from many of the councillors present. Social sciences councillor Mike Scott said a great void is left without an election. "The Board was seven strong and now it is only six," he said. "Steve Zolis was a big part of our community at Western and to not replace his position limits the representation of council on campus."

USC legal affairs officer Matt Kelleher said eliminating Zolis' position is a solution for this year only and a new VP-student affairs will be elected next April.

Norris said she is prepared to take on the challenge of her new responsibilities.

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