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Thursday, October 14, 1999


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Dial-a-glitch soon fixed

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Dial-a-glitch soon fixed

By Paul-Mark Rendon
Gazette Staff

Sleek, black and brand new, Western's new telephone system has dialed 'G' for glitch and is still being adjusted.

The new phones have helped re-vamp the system to one designed for better communication technology on campus, said telecommunications manager Richard Blore.

He said on the whole, the installation over Thanksgiving weekend went smoothly but was not without a few minor bugs. "One of the problems we had was with the call display feature," he said. "It's critical to have a correct name displayed with each call."

However, he explained a crew of over 50 part–time staff and Bell Canada employees will be working throughout the week to troubleshoot any problems with the 4,000 new phones.

Blore said any problems with the phones should be taken with a grain of salt, since their new features far outweigh those of the old system. Aside from having a call display feature, Blore said, the new phones are Y2K compliant and include triple the amount of voice-mail space.

As well, a new computer-telephone integration system will allow computers to link to the phone and facsimile system, allowing users world-wide access, he said.

However, Dave Crombie, program co-ordinator for Western's Foot Patrol, said since their installation, the new $4.8 million phone system has given them several minor problems.

Crombie said Foot Patrol's call centre, which makes and receives up to 250 calls each day, suffered a temporary connection break with Western's main switchboard. "This was a major roll-out of new technology and there would inevitably be some bugs in it, but I'm confident [Information Technology Services] can handle the problems," he said.

Christina Lederman, manager of Western's financial aid office, said in anticipation of possible difficulties given their high volume of calls, the office was participated in a preparatory seminar in handling the new technology. "With the number of calls we get every day, we thought we better know how these things work or we'd be in some trouble."

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