Volume 93, Issue 25

Thursday, October 14, 1999


Council reallocates fallen VP's portfolio

Western asks city for $10 million

Dial-a-glitch soon fixed

Ottawa may pull plug on exam tool

Now serving number six billion


Caught on Campus

Bass Ackwards


Come out and have a gay 'ol time

Western's Gay and Lesbian alumni association is inviting anybody and everybody to attend a presentation by author Damien Atkins.

"He does a hysterical, funny and touching presentation," said Brad Lister, founder of the association. He added the event is the alumni association's contribution to Coming Out Week, which is running until Friday.

"When we started planning events for the fall, we thought about getting speakers and we thought Damien would be great for Coming Out Week," Lister said. He added Atkins who is also an actor is currently performing with the Stratford Festival in several plays.

Whether gay or straight, all students are invited to see Atkins speak. He will be in the Wave tonight at 7 p.m..

Huron rolling in dough

Huron College is still celebrating a $1 million windfall, after receiving the generous donation this week from a former student's family.

The Branscombe Family Foundation has made the largest donation ever to the affiliate college in the name of their son Paul, a 1964 graduate who died in 1980.

"We're very pleased about the generous donation," said Ken Andrews, director of alumni and development at Huron College. "The donation will be put towards annual renewal scholarships for Huron students," he said.

Andrews said the Branscombe family has been in negotiation with Huron College for over a year about the donation. "They contacted Huron and wanted to make a donation, it's great."

–Nina Chiarelli

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