Volume 93, Issue 25

Thursday, October 14, 1999


Administration not completely misguided

Strangers the night stealing expression

Administration not completely misguided

Re: The Gazette Oct. 5

To the Editor:

I was shocked when I picked up the paper and found that the front page news was about Saugeen council and three pages later another zoo article was juxtaposed with a Saugeen comic.

These biased articles give the viewpoints of Saugeen students/alumni and "anti-housing" individuals. How about a view from the other side?

Year after year new students file into Western's top-notch residences to begin the experience of a lifetime. Upper–year students contribute greatly to the adventures of all first-years.

So why ban council or decrease the number of sophs – a big portion of this influential group? Instead of placing the blame on administration, people need to start pointing the finger at their peers and themselves.

Every individual who walks through the Richmond Street gates is unique and has much potential. Then we (we being the student body – not the administration) categorize them – in fact, we categorize them before they even get here.

Upper–year students create the images that now flourish on Western's campus. We create them and then make sure that they live on in the new students – Saugeeners are partiers, engineers damage stuff, social science students can't spell.

These are the stereotypes which Western administration has been trying to get rid of, with little success (thanks to us). When frosh arrive, they're put in the same shirts, they chant, they get herded like cattle and are deprived of sleep, food and the freedom they desire.

Why do we do this? Because it was done to us. We were herded, we were woken up at unseemly hours and we were forced to scream. And because it was done to us, we want to do it to them, but better, bigger and louder.

This chain continues until things are out of control, as things had gotten in Saugeen. The link just needed to be broken. Please understand the vital role you, as an upper year, play in the lives of the first year students.

Shannon Madden
Health Science II

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