Volume 93, Issue 25

Thursday, October 14, 1999


Administration not completely misguided

Strangers the night stealing expression

Strangers the night stealing expression

To the Editor:

On Tuesday, Sept. 28, 1999 at 12:30 a.m., I was disturbed from my sleep by a rattling at my door. Wondering why someone was touching my door, I got out of bed to check that my property was not being defaced.

After waking up, leaving my bed and suspecting the worst of vandals, I was left facing my Residence Advisor. My RA had taken a verse off of my door which "they" felt was inappropriate to the "theme" of the floor and in the process disturbed my slumber.

The verse (which I actually spent time creating) said only the word "zoo." Would this word have been of a profane nature, or had seriously offended anyone I could justify its removal, however, on the contrary it was a tasteful fun theme in obvious humour.

I have, in the last day or so, asked many members of my floor if they found the word offensive and the response was overwhelmingly in my favour.

An act as petty as this should not even have happened, let alone disturbed a student's time of rest.

I sincerely hope that my concern will not fall on deaf ears and that other petty acts such as this will be stopped long before they reach paper.

Ryan Boyko
Social Sciences I

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