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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


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Sevendust hammer out Home run


Sevendust hammer out Home run

TVT Records

The title of Sevendust's latest release, Home, fits the album perfectly for one reason. Simply put, home is where listeners want to stay, so they can listen to this album on a big ass stereo with heavy duty amps.

Home is certainly one of the best hard rock albums to hit the stores this year. Not only does the CD manage to be extremely heavy and melodic at the same time, but all of the songs are intricately arranged and accompanied by insightful lyrics.

This album has little to criticize and lots to praise. Deserving most applause is lead vocalist Lajon Witherspoon, whose mix of understated vocals and abrupt screams result in a perfect fit for an irregular band.

Adding to the vocal assault is the frequent wailings of fellow bandmates Clint Lowery and Morgan Rose. Their backup vocals add more character to the album than colourization did to the actors in Pleasantville.

Additional aural support comes from Deftones front man Chino Moreno, who lends his unique vocal stylings to a wonderful guest performance on the album's final song, "Bender." All of this acclaim for the band's vocals should not overshadow the awesome music which powers the Sevendust engine, which is harmonic, powerful and extremely talented.

In short, this album has perfectly and fluidly combined vocals, instrumentals and songwriting. The result is a record that has the potential to be a huge hit for listeners. Keep your eyes peeled for the title track "Headtrip" and the riveting first single "Denial."

All in all, this album is a definite must for any hard rock fan and is recommended for anyone else who is looking for something new to flood their stereo.

–Myles Derosse

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