Volume 93, Issue 27

Tuesday, October 19, 1999


Law school sued for discrimination

Senate prefers to refer decision

CFS and OUSA debate over status

Star deal challenged by papers across country

Newfoundland abolishes New Year's Eve last call

Singing Blues after thefts


Bass Ackwards

Caught on Campus


Go green or go home

Environmental Awareness Week at Western paints over the purple and leaves most students feeling a little green.

In hopes of increasing environmental awareness, a number of visual displays will be on exhibit in the University Community Centre's atrium this week, said Perry Monaco, VP-campus issues for the University Students' Council.

"Western is a huge community, so we're a big contributor to the world-wide garbage problem and we must be conscious of that problem and do all that we can to fix it," he said.

Monaco added blue recycling boxes will be sold for $7, $3 less than when purchased from the city. Displays in the atrium will focus on the rainforest, vegetarian awareness and the Thames river clean up.

–Molly Duignan

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