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Tuesday, October 19, 1999


A double standard at Western

U.S. Senate sets poor example

Don't make everybody else sick

A double standard at Western

Re: "Administration reinstates suspended engineers" Oct. 13

To the Editor:

I find some amusement in the recent actions taken by the Board of Governors at Western.

I am referring to the reinstatement of four engineering students. But the fact that they were expelled in the first place leaves me somewhat troubled.

I would be a fool not to agree that the actions they committed were wrong and that punishment needed to follow these actions. However, I do not believe the punishment handed down was necessary. On the other hand, certain higher-ups at Western felt the punishment was suited to the crime, as they stated in various newspapers.

In that case, I pose a question or two to those individuals who made the decision. First, is a water balloon hitting a building as severe as a car hitting a person?

Secondly, what is worse – needing to replace a window, some carpet and a phone, or having permanent damage to a limb?

Clearly, I am making reference to the hit and run incident last year at Homecoming. The guilty party here was only removed from his varsity team.

Curious then, how can the four engineers be more severely punished then one student who could have taken another student's life. How can this be justified?

Perhaps this is a double standard.

Western's Board wants a clean image for our school, so they crucify those who do not uphold this. But we want our sports program to shine like it always has, so we had better leave them alone, even if someone could lose their life.

If we don't want a bad reputation, should there be any team initiations at our school? Obviously not.

Oh, my mistake – no coach knows anything about organized hazing.

Bullshit. I know many people who have been degraded and humiliated for the sake of fitting in on a team. But the Board turns a blind eye to that, claiming there is no proof and they have never heard such complaints.

Why does the Board look the other way? Because if they discipline the football team, or any other team, our prestigious alumni will cut back on donations.

So instead of having a Board hired and paid to make decisions, why don't we just let the alumni? They are the ones who determine things anyway.

Neil Rooke
Honours Philosophy II

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