Volume 93, Issue 27

Tuesday, October 19, 1999


A double standard at Western

U.S. Senate sets poor example

Don't make everybody else sick

U.S. Senate sets poor example

To the Editor:

It's nice see our friendly neighbours to the South are at it again, setting a good example for the world to follow.

Just in case there is any doubt, I am being sarcastic and I am referring to the fact that the United States Senate voted not to ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

This shows once and for all that the American political division of powers is flawed. It proves that the political parties in the States are only interested in fighting amongst themselves rather than exercising their common sense.

There is no reason the U.S. should not sign the CTBT. Their actions send a signal to the rest of the world that they have no comprehension of the unfortunate influence they have.

Like it or not, the U.S. is the world hegemony and is being closely watched by many nations. They have the responsibility, as the world's leading nuclear power, to set an example.

Perhaps the Americans should, for once, think of the world first and their political agendas second. They should strive to increase the quality of life worldwide by at least eliminating the testing of nuclear weapons, but obviously we know what the chances of that happening are!

Joshua Morgan
Politics and Economics II

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