Volume 93, Issue 27

Tuesday, October 19, 1999


A double standard at Western

U.S. Senate sets poor example

Don't make everybody else sick

Don't make everybody else sick

To the Editor:

Getting sick sucks. If you're sick for whatever unfortunate reason, those particular germs chose YOU!

You must keep them on your person at all times until they're dead! Do not share your germs. Do not carelessly or maliciously distribute your germs.

Left to their own devices most germs will die a miserable death inside of you. Do not let them escape to live another day. This means:

- Cough or sneeze into a disposable tissue/napkin or neck of your shirt/jacket (as last resort).

- Dispose of the handkerchief (clean or replace often).

- Clean your hands ASAP.

Remember, only you should have to contend with your germs.

When in doubt this season, bundle up, guzzle lots of water and wash your hands often.

Don MacOdrum
Computer Science and Electrical Engineering I

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