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Tuesday, October 19, 1999


Western closes the gate on Bishop's

Ruggers cook up Marauders 34-12

Western spikes their way over the Badgers

Ruggers soon to become pin-ups in 2000 calendar

Western's weekend bird watching

Ruggers soon to become pin-ups in 2000 calendar

Graphic by Colin Butler

By Chad Thompson
Gazette Staff

Move over Heidi Klum, here comes the Western men's rugby team and their year 2000 calender.

The calendar was the brain child of centre Lucas Atkins. "We are going to have a different theme each month," he said. "We asked a lot of girls – I would show pictures of the players on the team to different people and ask who they wanted to see in the calendar."

Atkins said he got the idea from the national team. "The one they did was all action shots," he said. "Our calendar will only have two pages of action shots."

Atkins said he was prepared for a mixed response from the team, but was surprised with the result. "I thought it would be easier to ask who did not want to do it and only one out of 50 guys said 'No.'"

The calendar will be printed by the same company which produced the national team's effort. "They are going to give us a deal. The [calenders are] going to cost $10 dollars and there will be 1,000 copies," Atkins said.

Mustang head coach Gerry Slattery said he had a hand in approving the action. "It had to pass through me. The calendar has to be tasteful and something professional. It also has to be marketed in a positive way for the team."

Slattery referred to the idea as a unique fund-raiser. "It was a creative idea by the players to raise funds and allow us to do bigger and better things. It will allow us to get new equipment, jerseys and money [for] recruiting and clinics."

When the idea was first presented to Slattery, he said he was not too keen on it. "My first reaction was 'I don't think so.' Calendars are more of a pain in the ass," he said. "They are not financially viable, they are time consuming and with calendars timing is everything. But they found [a company] to produce it for free. The content has to be professional and expose the guys and the campus to the outside. Financially it will be worth it."

Slattery added he has final say on the content of the calendar as well as when the photos will be taken. "I told them they would have to do it on off days and not before or on a game day. I wanted it to include everyone and there be no alcohol or negativity in it. It should be promotional and not a macho thing," he said. "I will run it by [Western's chair of Intercollegiate Athletics] Darwin Semotiuk and he will give us the go ahead."

When asked if he would be in the calendar, Slattery said he would be part of the team shot. "I'm not taking my shirt off," he joked. "A picture of me with my shirt off won't sell."

Aaron Abrams, Western's co-captain, said he felt the idea was an excellent fund-raiser. "We asked a lot of girls if they thought it would be a good idea," he said. "It will be a lot of fun."

The calendars are tentatively set to go on sale by November and will be available through the players and other spots around campus.

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