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Tuesday, October 19, 1999


Western closes the gate on Bishop's

Ruggers cook up Marauders 34-12

Western spikes their way over the Badgers

Ruggers soon to become pin-ups in 2000 calendar

Western's weekend bird watching

Western's weekend bird watching

Graphic by Colin Butler

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

The Mustangs dominated the shuttle cock as they smashed the entire Western conference this weekend 4-0.

At the Western Sectional tournament, hosted by the University of Guelph, the Mustangs beat Guelph 9-2, Brock University 11-0, the University of Waterloo 11-0 and finished off their assault on McMaster University, winning 10-1. The final result was an early lead for Western at the kick off of the badminton season.

Western head coach Bill Mason said Western had a dominating performance and each win was very convincing. "Western has some very strong men's and women's players. The team has great depth. As for the other teams – they have, at the most, one or two strong players."

Last season the York Yeomen were the Ontario University Athletic champions. Western placed second and the Toronto Varsity Blues finished third. Mason said this year's Mustang team is equally as strong as last year's, but the opposing eastern conference is also always strong. "We hope to be among the top teams in the entire league, but I believe we will be the top team in the West," he said.

Mike Twiner, assistant coach and player, went 6-0 in both singles and doubles matches on the weekend. He said the team performed excellently and utilized rookie as well as veteran help.

"We dominated winning 41 out of 48 matches. It was a bit of a cake walk. Hopefully, we'll be challenged to a greater extent in the East tournament in a couple of weeks," Twiner said.

After finishing second in the province last season, Twiner added this year's team has definitely improved and should at least repeat their second place results, if they don't end up on top. "We'll have to work on fitness and the finer points of the game before playing the East. We are forewarned on how tough it's going to be but we also know what we have to do," he said.

Co-captain Carolyn Smith said the team is strong all around. "The guys are solid, the girls are solid, the team unity is also great. We swept the tournament pretty easily and the women only lost two matches," she said.

Until Western gets an idea of the competition in the East, Smith said she won't know how the Mustang's matches compare. "In the meantime we, have to [improve on our] weaknesses so that we can enjoy the games better."

The Guelph Gryphons placed second at the weekend tournament and head coach Rob Mawhinney said they were hoping to beat Western right off the bat, however, it turned out to be their only loss.

"The guys didn't do too well against Western and our women were missing one of their key members and because of it, did not do as well as they should have," Mawhinney said.

With a little luck and a lot of planning, Mawhinney said Guelph hopes to be second if not tied for first with Western in the West. He added they are going to have to work really hard on both their men and women to make sure these predictions come true.

"Western has the strongest men in the West and the second strongest women next to us. We are really going to have to crack the whip on the team as a whole in order to be in shape for the next competition," he said.

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