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Wednesday, October 20, 1999


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Talking French literature

Tomorrow will be an exciting time for Western when one of two international conferences get underway.

Clive Thomson, chair of the French department, is organizing the Turning Centuries conference, which will take place at the Delta Armouries Hotel and continue until Saturday.

Thomson explained the first conference will focus on literary researchers and scholars and allow speakers to present their findings and thoughts on literature and culture in 19th century France.

According to Thomson, approximately 170 speakers will speak on the topic of French studies throughout the conference. "It's a selective conference in that we turn down one-third of the proposals we receive," he said, adding literary scholars all the way from South Korea, Australia, Morocco and Switzerland will be speaking.

"We have a number of activities in addition to the lectures," he said, adding a concert will be played at the hotel tomorrow night by a French-Canadian musician.

Madeline Lennon, chair of the visual arts department at Western, said Western students will have pieces of their work on display at the conference. She said this would be a wonderful experience. "There will be hundreds of people attending," she said.

Robert Barsky, an English professor at Western and organizer of a second conference, entitled Paris-Substance-America, said several speakers from around the world will be at Conron Hall in University College to speak about French theory and criticism.

The conference, which starts Friday, will discuss and celebrate 30 years of leading French thinkers whose works have been published in a journal entitled Substance.

"Some of the most famous people in the world of French theory will be here to speak at the conference," he said. "It's a monumentally huge conference."

Barsky added everyone from the Western community is invited to attend this conference, which runs until Sunday.

–Stephanie Cesca

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