Volume 93, Issue 28

Wednesday, October 20, 1999


The USC will be missing something

In search of familiar language at Western

The USC will be missing something

Re: "USC VP removed from office" Oct. 13

To the Editor:

It came as a shock.

I noticed that I hadn't seen his familiar face around the USC office in a while, but I didn't fully realize what had happened until I read the two cover stories that appeared in the Oct. 13 and 14 editions of The Gazette.

I first met Steve Zolis this summer, when my executive committee and I were attempting to learn more about Western's clubs scene. We wanted to prepare ourselves and our association (l'Association des etudiant(e)s francophones) for the busy year that was looming before us and before we became acquainted with the other members of the Students' Council, Steve was the person we relied on to get informed.

Despite the stress and the pressures he was dealing with as VP-student affairs, he always seemed to be on top of things.

His knowledge and presence of mind was reassuring, as were his approachability and availability. It seemed like his door was always open!

I also appreciated his jovial nature and the way he genuinely cared about what was going on in the lives of those who spoke with him.

And now, because of human error, he will no longer be able to put his leadership and interpersonal skills to good use – he will no longer be able to help others as he helped me.

Though the year is far from over, I just wanted to extend my gratitude to Steve for being available to those who needed his guidance and sense of humour, as well as for a job (although unfinished) well done.

Thanks Steve – you will be sorely missed.

Sarah Schlote
English and French II

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