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Wednesday, October 20, 1999


Western clinches first overall

Mustangs clip Gryphons' wings

Western makes some waves

Western falls to Buffalo by one

Mustangs approach tennis finals

Mustangs clip Gryphons' wings

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MAN, I DIDN'T THINK THEY WERE THAT SERIOUS ABOUT THE NO HANDS RULE. Western's women's soccer team were victorious in this weekend's action on the field.

By Sean Maraj
Gazette Staff

Gryphons may have wings, but it was the Mustangs who took flight, as the Western women's soccer team edged out Guelph University 2-1 in a matineé match Sunday.

Western came out strong after the opening kick off, taking advantage of a slow start from Guelph and quickly pulling ahead 2-0. But the Gryphons quickly found their game and were able to cut the score to 2-1. Despite Guelph's best efforts, the Mustang defence held on and Western left with a hard fought victory.

Mustang head coach Peter Russell said he was happy with the squad's performance. For a team which has been slowly improving throughout the season, he said this was perhaps their best game.

"They played extremely well – their best yet," Russell said. "We put together a 90 minute effort. Guelph is a strong team, but we passed very well and controlled the game."

Carmyn Aleshka, co-captain and midfielder agreed the team played well. She pointed to the first half as the turning point in Western's victory.

"We had one of our best first halves," she said. "Very controlled, we kept playing aggressive, our strengths showed in the first half."

Guelph head coach Laurie Halfpenny-Mitchell said she thought the game was, for the most part, even-sided and that both teams had equal chances to win. "We played all right. We started slowly, but the game was even after that. Both teams had their chances," she said.

Halfpenny-Mitchell pointed to the Mustang goals in the opening minutes of the first half which led to the Gryphons' downfall, as they could not catch up for the rest of the game.

"Our mental lapse in the first 20 minutes of the game really hurt us," Halfpenny Mitchell said. "We got a goal back, but we couldn't come back."

Pressure is already building on the Mustangs to reach the nationals as they did last year. Aleshka pointed to the team's transition from defending to attacking as an area the team will work on in preparation for the upcoming playoffs.

Russell said he was confident about the team's playoff chances and was taking the squad's future as it comes. "I'm not too worried, we're a team that takes it step by step and a game at a time," he said.

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