Volume 93, Issue 28

Wednesday, October 20, 1999


Western clinches first overall

Mustangs clip Gryphons' wings

Western makes some waves

Western falls to Buffalo by one

Mustangs approach tennis finals

Western makes some waves

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

Everybody into the pool.

The Western men's waterpolo team had its ups and downs this weekend beating the University of Toronto 10-8 and losing to York University 13-11.

Mustang head coach and player Kyle Seeback said the score versus the Toronto Varsity Blues was not reflective of the win, as Western clearly outplayed them. "Our team had a lot more depth and played a lot better as a team. We had a couple of goals but we should've scored more often," Seeback said.

The second game was a tough loss to York and Seeback said Western made a great comeback late in the game, however could not hold on for the win. "We were down 11-6 in the fourth quarter and we were able to come back to make it 12-11 with two and a half minutes left to go in the game. A defensive break down with one minute to go allowed York to score," he said.

Seeback added hole man Rob Clark played well in both games and felt he added a little extra to the Toronto game, as Clark used to play for the Varsity Blues.

While he felt his team played sloppily, Clark said it was a good thing they got one win out of the weekend competition. "Toronto is probably going to be up there in the fight for the four playoff spots. It will probably be York, Carleton [University, McMaster University] and us. Toronto is the next best team so the victory over them was pretty key," Clark said.

The centre-forward finished with six goals over the two games and attributed his play to getting a lot of touches on the ball, especially against York. "I scored four goals against York. It really opened up for me when their centre got two fouls and wasn't able to cover me anymore," Clark said.

He added defence and a lack of communication on offence hindered the Mustangs from playing better. "We have the tools to play solid defence and have an overall great lineup. We're just letting people swim by us at opportune times and getting manhandled a little when we're matching up," he said.

York head coach Ross MacDonald said both his team and Western will be two of the final four teams - just a matter of who plays the best on that given day.

"We won and I was happy. Our goalie played extremely well and made some critical saves allowing us to hold onto the lead," MacDonald said. "Mentally, we sat on the lead when Western started coming back hard late in the game. We were able to hold on thanks to our goalie."

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