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Friday, October 22, 1999


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Food services rolling in the dough again


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Food services rolling in the dough again

By Nina Chiarelli
Gazette Staff

Western's Food Services is extremely happy after three Good Samaritans returned a piece of the pie.

Ali Rahman, a second-year computer science student, said he and his two friends, second-year computer science student Rob Osman and Campus Computer Store employee Mohamed Assaf were in the parking lot which connects the Law building and D.B. Weldon Library, when they found what appeared to be a blue pencil case.

"I looked out of the car, saw something and thought it was a pencil bag," Rahman said. He explained he picked it up and forgot about it until later that night.

The bag contained over $600 in cash that Jason Wagstaff, a student supervisor with Food Services, had dropped while transporting equipment between the Law building and the Great Hall.

Frank Miller, director of food services confirmed a deposit bag containing over $600 had been lost by the student supervisor. "A police report was filed immediately," Miller said.

"My concern was the student involved was very emotionally distraught and wanted to pay the money back," he said adding Food Services would not accept the generous offer from Wagstaff. "Sometimes you have to put faith and trust in people. This time it paid off."

Sgt. Chuck Becker with the University Police Department said there are many lost items never turned into police. "They're very lucky that it was returned," he said.

"I can't tell you how much we appreciate the money being returned," said Ruth Harland, catering co-ordinator with food services. "[Losing money has] never happened before and we hope it never happens again."

Osman and Rahman said when they opened the bag and realized it contained money, they waited to return it expecting to hear who it belonged to. "[Whoever] lost it should have put something in the paper right away," Osman said. All three said they were reluctant to advertise the find in case someone was untruthful about ownership.

"We thought about putting it in The Gazette, but I didn't know if I should advertise [the loss]," Harland said.

The three men said there was never a question about not returning the money. "Never. That's totally against our morals and our religion," Osman said.

Although the money has been officially settled, Harland said food services would like to do a good deed for the trio in return for their kind gesture. "We would like to have them for lunch to thank them and we will be giving them each a $100 campus meal plan to show our appreciation," she added.

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