Volume 93, Issue 30

Friday, October 22, 1999


The hunt for a perfect record

Field hockey team loses 3-0 to Waterloo Athenas

Golfers finish season off the green

Women's soccer team keeps Mac in dark

Waterpolo rematch drowns home team

Mustang swimmers ready to get their gills

Lack of Rayne allows the Mustangs to air out

Field hockey team loses 3-0 to Waterloo Athenas

By Sean Maraj
Gazette Staff

Everything was fine and dandy for the Western field hockey team right up until they met the Waterloo Athenas, who defeated the Mustangs 3-0 Wednesday night.

The Mustangs, who are having a banner season this year and are currently ranked eighth in Canada, found themselves struggling against the sixth ranked Athenas and couldn't overcome the Waterloo defence.

"We controlled the ball at times, but our weaknesses were short corners. We had six opportunities and only used one," said Western head coach Keith Concisom on his team's performance.

Despite the negative aspects of the game, Concisom was able to see some positive things happening on the field and said his team was improving with every game they played.

"We did do a lot of things yesterday. The weird thing is that we are getting better. These three games are precursors to the Ontario University Athletics championships," Concisom said.

Western captain Jenn Symmes chalked up the loss to the lack of recent practice and play time. "I think having the two weeks off, it really affected our game play. We didn't have a field and it was pretty evident [in our game]," she said.

However, Symmes added she was pleased that despite the two week lay off, her team's fitness level was still high during the game.

Waterloo head coach Sharon Creelman said she was happy with her team's performance, especially with their ability to keep Western off the board.

"We played quite well – we kept Western scoreless and scored three goals," she said. "I thought our defence played particularly well and we took advantage of our chances."

However, Concisom said he was frustrated because the Mustangs have been without a turf surface to practice on. He said this is slowly beginning to show in his team's performance. "It's frustrating because we don't have a place to practice," he said. "Before we could get away with it, but it's really frustrating, it's coming to a point where its hurting our play."

Concisom pointed out Wednesday's game was the first time his goalie had seen a net in two weeks.

With the playoffs looming in the distance, the lack of a practice area could pose a problem for the team. Symmes indicated it already was a problem which reared its head during the game. "It was huge factor, the actual surface and not having the practice field. Our passing was strong, but it was just working from the side," she said.

But Symmes looked at the game as a learning experience and despite the loss, saw it as a step towards getting used to a new situation. "Now we know what we suffered, this weekend we're going to play three games and that's going to be a good way to get rid of the kinks."

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