Volume 93, Issue 30

Friday, October 22, 1999


The hunt for a perfect record

Field hockey team loses 3-0 to Waterloo Athenas

Golfers finish season off the green

Women's soccer team keeps Mac in dark

Waterpolo rematch drowns home team

Mustang swimmers ready to get their gills

Lack of Rayne allows the Mustangs to air out

Mustang swimmers ready to get their gills

By Sean Maraj
Gazette Staff

Swimming – it's just not for fishes anymore.

The Mustang's opened their season last weekend looking to improve on last year's ninth place men's finish and third place women's finish at the Ontario University Athletics championship.

The women led the Mustang charge finishing third overall in the meet. The team itself has a strong core of returning swimmers, along with a talented base of rookies. The men's squad placed seventh.

Traditionally plagued by a small number of swimmers and lack of depth, the men have received a few rookie additions who may help them in the long run, said Western head coach Glen Belfry.

"I'm really pleased, a lot of the vets came back and both teams picked up some new swimmers and the captains, as well, came back in good shape," Belfry said.

Women's captain Crystal Clarke echoed her coaches sentiments and was happy with both the new recruits and the amount of returning veterans. "It's going to be a good season, we have a lot of strong returning veterans and new strong rookies," she said.

Men's captain Andrew Munro said he was also happy with the new members of his team and said he thought they improved greatly from last year. "It's encouraging because we have double the members from last year," he said. We could have the best freshmen crop of any school in the OUA."

Belfry said he believed his teams were going to perform better this year, but he still saw room for improvement. He noted there are some doubts about the men's team, especially when it comes to depth.

"It's always nice to move up and it seems that we have improved from last year," said Belfry. "If the women's [team] keep third that will be great. [For] the guys [it's] a little harder because of a lack of depth."

As for the men's season, Munro said he was confidant despite depth concerns. "We've gelled pretty quickly, we're all pretty talented," he said. "As for depth I don't see it as a problem as compared to past years."

Clarke was also optimistic about her team's chances. She said she thought they had the potential to do much better this year. "We don't have any real weaknesses. Everyone has the same goal and everyone wants to help everyone else."

Both the men's and women's swim team will be in the pool again Oct. 29 in McMaster.

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