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Wednesday, October 27, 1999


Officer's salary to top USC's agenda

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Officer's salary to top USC's agenda

By John Intini
Gazette Staff

A proposal to put a little more money in the pocket of Western's communications officer will be debated tonight at a University Students' Council meeting.

Derek Taub, USC VP-finance, said he will raise a motion tonight to propose a $4,145 pay increase to communications officer Allison Norris' honorarium.

Taub said the rational for the increase is based upon the added duties now under Norris' portfolio. She has been delegated the responsibility for nine of the 22 commissioners which had been under the jurisdiction of ex-VP-student affairs Steve Zolis, before he resigned two weeks ago, Taub added.

At an Oct. 15 meeting, the council voted against the Board's proposed increase of $1,300 and instead decided to postpone debate until tonight, Taub said. However, he added a motion was passed which ensured Norris would receive at least a $1,300 increase. "[Tonight's] model is a lot cleaner and simpler."

Taub explained since the nine new commissioners now under Norris' supervision constitute 40 per cent of Zolis' portfolio, she should receive 40 per cent of the remaining salary of the vacant VP-student affair's position. The position's remaining after-tax salary is $10,362. The balance of $6,217 will not be re-allocated, Taub added.

Norris said she was pleased with the proposal considering the extra work load she will take on.

"I definitely think the proposal is fair," she said. "The council didn't want to come up with some random number and this equation is both fair and simple."

Social sciences councillor Ray Novak said he was not yet sure whether he applauded or disapproved of the motion, but he said he had a couple of concerns.

"Last [meeting] $1,300 was fair and this week it seems $4,100 is going to be fair. What's it going to be next week?" he said. Novak added he was confused because Norris agreed to the $1,300 at the last meeting.

However, a number of USC councillors said they agreed this motion is the most logical solution under the circumstances.

"We're getting a bargain," said Michael Rubinoff, president of the Law Society and USC voting member. "There is a great deal of additional responsibility being placed on Allison and it is only fair she receive adequate compensation for her work.

"In this scenario a 40 per cent increase in responsibility deserves a similar 40 per cent increase in pay. It just makes sense," Rubinoff added.

Jeffrey Clayman, student senator at large, said he was also in support of the motion, adding it is the least council can do. "I'm all for it," he said. "This is just a small token we can do in response to the large sum of work Allison will be taking on."

Clayman added it is also vital the remaining $6,000 be saved and not spent by the corporation.

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