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Wednesday, October 27, 1999


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Olympic park gets federal support

$6 million and counting for brand new stadium

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Olympic park gets federal support

By Leena Kamat
Gazette Staff

In the future, Mustang fans will be able to take an enjoyable stroll before or after a game, thanks to the announcement of a park planned for the land around Western's new stadium.

The park will be partially funded by a federal government project called the Canadian Millennium Partnership Program, said Krista Pawley, legislative assistant to Joe Fontana, Member of Parliament for London North Centre.

Fontana, who announced the government's plans Monday, said the CMPP will be giving Western $105,882 for the project, as part of a larger $600,000 investment into London. This covers approximately one-third of the Park's $418,500 total projected cost. For the proposal to have been accepted, it had to show the remainder of the funds were already raised, or plans to raise the money were in place, Pawley said.

Ted Garrard, Western's VP-external, said the remainder of the total cost has, in fact, already been taken into account. The money for the stadium and park are a part of a $15 million fundraising campaign.

The initial proposal, submitted this July by Orlando Zamprogna, special projects co-ordinator for Western's physical plant, called for the park and the stadium to be built on approximately 20 acres on the Huron Flats.

The park will include the reconstruction of existing pathways, the planting of more trees and bushes and the creation of three new baseball diamonds, Zamprogna explained.

He added the project should be completed by next May or June.

"Western plays such an important role in the region," Fontana said. The proposal fits well with the CMPP's goal of making a difference in the lives of Canadians and their communities, he added.

Garrard said the university was planning to build the park before the government announced its partial funding, but thanks to the government injection, much more landscaping can now be done. "It will make the whole area surrounding the stadium more beautiful," he said.

Zamprogna added the park and the stadium will nicely complement each other. "We thought it would be nice to have a legacy for the games and the millennium."

Although the park has yet to be named, Garrard said they are considering calling it the "Millennium Park" in honour of the CMPP funding.

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