Volume 93, Issue 32

Wednesday, October 27, 1999


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A loving son's kind thought

A loving son's kind thought

To the Editor:

I spoke to my mother on the phone for our weekly Sunday night conversation. It consisted of the usual Q&A session on school, work and relationship status.

I played my typical role and bitched about midterms, work politics and of course, the complications of relationships. My mother proceeded with her usual role and sympathized with my situation, gave me advice and supported my choices even if they weren't her first pick.

She commented how things are harder now that her three sons are all grown up. No longer can she fix our problems by "putting a Band-Aid on it and kissing it better."

Despite life's increasing complexity, she takes it in stride. Now, you might be wondering as to why I care to let the whole Western community in on my personal relationship with my mother.

Well, those who know me, know how strongly I feel about my family. But then there are the other 26,000 of you saying "who cares about this guy's relationship with his mother?"

Well, nobody really except her and I. So the reason I write this letter is because every now and then one has to take the time to appreciate what they have. I guess this is my way of showing my mother how much I appreciate her.

Now she can take this letter, cut it out and stick to the fridge like those A+ papers in Grade 6 math. So perhaps the next time you speak to someone you care about, you will take the time to appreciate what you have. Just a thought.

Peter J. Wilson
Biology III

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