Volume 93, Issue 33

Thursday, October 28, 1999


Square Root keeps adding up

Superchunk still smiles

Watt charges up the Office audience

Air shows Symptomes of greatness

Air shows Symptomes of greatness

Premiers Symptomes

This fey French duo released their major label debut, Moon Safari, in 1998 to widespread public acclaim.

Despite dabbling in the same brand of space-age, electro-groove, bachelor pad music which has recently saturated the market, Air won the hearts of more than a few futurists with their unabashed penchant for sleek melody.

Although Premiers Symptomes is not the chronological follow-up to Moon Safari, it's still a worthy addition to the Air collection.

From the joyous and spacey romp of "Modular Mix" to the sleek and sophisticated chill-out ambiance of "Casanova 70," this handy addendum serves to illustrate Air's long-standing jump on the competition. Perhaps most intriguing is "Gordini Mix - Brakes On" on which a murk of gurgling synths give way to a rousing rhythmic section.

Since a proper album isn't due in the foreseeable future, Premiers Symptomes should tide over rabid fans – and if there's any justice it'll win over some new ones as well.

–Mark Pytlik

Various Artists
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Album
TVT Soundtrax

Fans of the popular Sarah Michelle Gellar show Buffy the Vampire Slayer will be glad to hear they no longer need to use elaborate means in an attempt to record the show's theme song.

When its heavy guitar chords screech, Nerf Herder's 45 second grunge theme lends itself to images of Buffy aiming roundhouse kicks at Nosferatus. The track's end, however, may leave Buffy fans wondering why they bought this album. Finding visuals which fill this need, they'll lie back on their beds spent, but happy.

Even Buffy haters can find something good about the CD. Electro-grunge fans will find tracks from Garbage and Bif Naked, while acoustic connoisseurs will find contentment in subtle efforts from The Sundays and K's Choice.

–Luke Rundle

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