Volume 93, Issue 33

Thursday, October 28, 1999


Industrial hemp not really a demon weed

Marijuana: an activists' mandate

Canada contemplates prescription for pot

Voicing your choice

Voicing your choice

Over the past few weeks, The Gazette's Campus & Culture section has been on a pursuit across Western to find out what students think about marijuana and its place in society. The following are some of the anonymous responses you submitted.

"I regret that school does interfere with my pursuit of consuming the good weed – I use it usually late in the evening after I've closed the books for the night and feel like relaxing before slipping into slumber."

"Marijuana should, 100 per cent, be decriminalized if not legalized. It simply does not cause major problems in society in terms of crime. People do not rob banks because they smoked a joint in their apartment that night."

"Marijuana is a less harmful drug than alcohol or tobacco."

"Ideally, the bottom line is, if I am not hurting anyone then my actions (i.e. smoking pot) should not be considered illegal."

"[Marijuana] should be legalized, certainly. If the government wants to outlaw a drug, it should be alcohol which kills thousands of people each year. If it is legalized the government could tax the sale of marijuana, making revenue while putting dealers out of business. [There's a] Beer Store! Why not the Pot Store?"

"Of all other drugs in our society, marijuana is the least damaging as a whole. Tobacco costs us, as a society, billions of dollars in health care costs – alcohol destroys lives."

"Legalization is something else. The amount of money a province or country could make if they sanctioned the production of marijuana is immense. Just like alcohol and cigarettes, taxes could be imposed."

"If you have a disease that makes you feel horrible it is your right, not as a citizen but as a human being, to try to do anything that you believe will make you feel better [such as use medicinal marijuana]."

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