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Thursday, October 28, 1999


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Student council endorses officer's pay increase

By John Intini
Gazette Staff

It took the University Students' Council over two hours to give communications officer Allison Norris her new duties two weeks ago, but less then 20 minutes to give her a hefty raise last night.

An overwhelming majority voted in favour of a motion to give Norris a $4,145 pay hike for the responsibilities added to her portfolio as a result of the resignation of VP-student affairs Steve Zolis.

At the Oct. 15 council meeting, after a lengthy debate over the transferring of duties, the issue of Norris' raise was postponed to last night. This followed the dismissal of a proposed increase of $1,300 by the USC's Board of Directors.

This week's motion was tabled by the USC's VP-finance Derek Taub, who described the proposal to the council as a cleaner, simpler model.

Norris is now responsible for nine of Zolis' 22 commissioners – 40 per cent of the portfolio – and was deserving of 40 per cent of the remaining $10,362 left in the VP-student affairs post, Taub said.

Norris said she was quite pleased with the support. "It's great. There is a lot of added responsibility and it is good to know I have the Board backing me."

Although the vote ended with majority support, there were some concerns raised.

Science councillor Hsiu-Yan Chan asked whether Norris is truly taking over 40 per cent of Zolis' job. "Didn't the VP-student affairs do more than just deal with his commissioners?" Chan questioned.

USC President SzeJack Tan responded to the query and agreed the VP-student affairs portfolio was more than dealing with commissioners and added Norris is taking on much more in the USC office, making her well deserving of the pay hike.

"There are a bunch of little things that keep trickling in that are associated with the student affairs job and most of that does end up in her office," Tan said. "From our observations, she's getting most of [Zolis' work]. She's going above and beyond."

Kate Millson, Arts Council president, said she fully supported the motion. "At the last meeting I had thought about this model and although it didn't come up then, both me and the person beside me thought it was the most logical."

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