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Thursday, October 28, 1999


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Volleyball team ready to impale the competition

Morrow in spotlight, not limelight

The WWF: bigger, better

The WWF: bigger, better

The World Wrestling Federation of today is more exciting, entertaining and simply better than the WWF of yesterday ever was.

The evolution of professional wrestling, from its early carnival-like atmosphere in the 1950s to the glitzy, high energy performance it is today, is nothing short of Darwin's finches on the Galapagos Islands.

Today's grappling is even better than the supposed "glory days" of wrestling enjoyed in the '80s and early '90s.

WWF Cavalcade, Superstars of Wrestling and yes, even Maple Leaf Wrestling are weak adversaries when compared to current wrestling shows such as Raw is War or the new WWF Smackdown. It's like pitting Iron Mike Sharpe or the Brooklyn Brawler against The Rock or Stonecold Steve Austin – the outcome would be so one-sided, it's ridiculous.

As long time fans, we all hold the WWF superstars of yester-year dear to us. We remember the hatred felt towards the evil Iron Sheik and his Russian henchman Nikolai Volkoff, the sadness for George 'the Animal' Steel over his constant rejection by the lovely Elizabeth and the excitement when "I am a real American" blasted over the loud speaker as Hulk Hogan lifted the belt in victory.

We remember all of this, but forget how bad wrestling really was.

Today's wrestling is light years ahead of the limits set in the past. WWF storylines are so in-depth and sophisticated, they rival any Emmy award winning soap opera that daytime television can produce. Not only that, but the pyrotechnics, elaborate set designs (hell in the cell, steel cages, boiler rooms, etc.) and various props (tables, metal pans, garbage cans, etc.) can be compared to a Hollywood action adventure epic.

If nothing else, the heart and soul of wrestling has always been based on its characters and today's heroes and heels are what defeat the WWF of old hands down.

Other than Mankind, what wrestler would hurl his body off the top of a two story cage onto a table and be wrestling the following month? What wrestler but Stonecold could make the bible verse "3:16" more than just a chapter in the old testament? What wrestler besides The Rock could take a simple elbow drop and turn it into "the most electrifying move in sports entertainment history?"

The answer to all of the above is no one. Not a Warrior, not a Dragon, not a Macho Man, not even a Hulkamaniac.

The fact of the matter is, the wrestlers of the past couldn't do half of the things today's superstars can and this is exactly why the WWF has gone above and beyond all the popularity levels they ever reached in the past.

So although there will always be a soft spot for the "good old days" of wrestling in all of our hearts – long live the WWF of the present.

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