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Friday, October 29, 1999


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Boneyard Man digs up radio noir

By Sara Martel
Gazette Staff

Whether it's dressing up in drag and going to the local rep theatre for another viewing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, renting any classic horror flick, or just venturing to the bar for your perennial attempt to pick up that girl costumed as a French maid, there are always a few staples in everybody's Halloween weekend.

The Three Black Ring Theatre troupe is hoping to add another to the list, as they invite you to celebrate the first anniversary of their presentation of The Boneyard Man this weekend.

Despite the sinister title, Jayson McDonald, head of the London theatre company, assures The Boneyard Man will bring laughter to the audience, rather than just the usual horror-based Halloween fare.

"Basically, it pays homage to "The Shadow," which was a popular radio broadcast from the '30s and '40s. It's presented as though it's a live to air show, with the actors on stage with script-in-hand kind of thing," McDonald explains. "We do two episodes for each show and each is sponsored by a commercial done in the style of the period. People get murdered and that kind of thing, but it's pretty silly comedy."

From the opening scenes of The Boneyard Man, with the shrill organ chords oscillating in the background and the dramatic announcer's voice just perfectly steeped in fromage, audiences are immediately carried into the ambiance of live to air radio.

Because the show's style so closely mirrors that of radio, its success greatly depends on the talent of the actors and actresses, as well as the strength of the script. It is one of the few stage performances where physical action falls to the wayside, while comedic banter and storylines take center stage.

The Boneyard Man will be showing at 8 p.m. this Saturday and Sunday night at 123 King Street (upstairs).

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