Volume 93, Issue 34

Friday, October 29, 1999


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Wherry the one slithering

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Wherry the one slithering

Re: "Premier Harris: National Man of Mystery" Oct. 21

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to Aaron Wherry's article in The Gazette, regarding the recent visit by Premier [Mike] Harris to your campus.

I wonder how this man can argue with a straight face that the premier would hide the fact that his marriage was breaking up for political gains.

That is just insulting – not just to our premier, but to all those who support him which, last time I checked, was about 45.9 per cent of the electorate. Harris' hostile detractors like Mr. Wherry are grasping at straws.

First, they argued that Harris was going "too far, too fast," as if the crisis in this province could be dealt with in any other way than with swift, calculated action. Now, after the Conservatives were re-elected with a more than healthy majority, they say Harris is just playing to his own interests and that "regular" Ontarians still loathe him.

Does Mr. Wherry think that everyone in this province is suffering from some sort of neo-Marxist false consciousness?

Harris was invited by a specific group of people to come and speak to them and he did just that. Just like when he initiated revolutionary change in Ontario, Harris was asked to do something and he did it.

One thing you cannot accuse this government of doing is not keeping their promises. As for something "slithering" across campus, perhaps Mr. Wherry should take a look in the mirror sometime.

Adam Daifallah
Ontario PC Youth Association

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