Volume 93, Issue 34

Friday, October 29, 1999


LSAT not the definitive test

Wherry the one slithering

No honesty, integrity here

No honesty, integrity here

Re: "Premier Harris: National man of mystery" Oct. 21

To the Editor:

Once again you have shown the inherent problem with the left [wing politics] in this province – ignorance.

You present no evidence to justify your claims that, "Harris doesn't care that much about post-secondary education" or "this was just another case of Harris choosing political interests over living up to honesty and accountability."

In 1994, Ontario was a province with high taxation, high unemployment, high welfare rates and out of control government spending. The average citizen was being over taxed and the Bob Rae, NDP government was doing nothing about it.

In June 1995, the average Ontario tax payer voted for Harris because he promised to cut taxes, welfare rates and government spending.

Over the next four years he proceeded to live up to every one of his promises and in 1999, despite unprecedented opposition from unions and other special interest groups, he won another majority government – the first premier to do this since John Robarts.

Perhaps Mr. Wherry should wake up and realize that Harris did not win by fooling the people, he won because he promised to restore economic prosperity to this province and do what he said. Mr. Harris is a man of integrity and honesty, qualities Mr. Wherry wished he possessed.

Barbara Campbell
Director of Communications

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