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Friday, October 29, 1999


End of regular season at J.W.

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Catch the game while making history

Catch the game while making history

Saturday will mark a moment in history. It will provide a chance for Western students to participate in a moment frozen in their memories long after they leave this university.

The occasion is the final regular season football game at J.W. Little Memorial Stadium. During a student's university career, the chance to partake in a historical moment shared by a large group is rare.

It may sound corny, but when you think about stadiums closing in professional sports, it's easy to become aware of the history involved. I remember when I was in secondary school and I played at J.W. Little for the high school football finals. I remember there was a weird sense of awe that came to my mind upon entering the stadium for the warm up. Even now when I attend games, I can't help but have that same feeling.

Western has been well known for their support of the football team. The sport has always been nourished by students. However, this particular game goes beyond mere support. It's time to take part in tradition – a part of the campus is passing away.

We are lucky to go to a university with such traditions. I know I may sound like a blow hard, but this is a special time for this campus and the students who go here.

Any football player on the present Mustang team would be able to summarize the importance of the game and how much the stadium will be missed. Although it may only be a concrete building, the memories which live inside the building are what make it special.

Think back to your first football experience, whether it be a Homecoming game or a season opener. Think about being in the stands and the people around you all cheering for one common goal – a Western win.

When you choose to attend a game, you are carrying on the tradition which students started years before. Why do you think we sing the school song after every touchdown?

The closing of J.W. Little Stadium is the sports equivalent of tearing down University College. It is not the building, but the memories which the building are built upon that are important.

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