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Tuesday, October 5, 1999


Saugeen pub questions linger

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Police target rising numbers of youth in crime

Air waves muddled at U of T radio

Millennium and J.W. Little turn weekend profit for city

Homecoming hooplah kept low


Buzz Mecca

Homecoming hooplah kept low

By Nina Chiarelli
Gazette Staff

Homecoming weekend did not wreak too much havoc on Western, as there were only 142 calls to the University Police Department this past week, said Const. Wendy McGowan.

"Homecoming went well," she said. "The weekend festivities were great, and occurrences were down slightly compared to the last two years."

McGowan said the majority of occurrences were alcohol related and the UPD handed out 11 provincial offence tickets for liquor and traffic violations. "In previous years with Homecoming, the partying usually takes place off campus, therefore the city would be busier [then on campus]," McGowan said.

There were more thefts on campus last week, McGowan added, which included a backpack from Middlesex College, a wallet from the Allyn and Betty Taylor Library and one of the university's digital video camera recorders.

"The video camera was stolen from University College and if anyone has information, they can maintain anonymity with crime stoppers," McGowan said. She added the theft was only hindering students.

McGowan said police also issued a theft report on Sept. 30 when a wallet was reported missing from the women's locker room at the University Community Centre. "The wallet, which was later found locked up in a different locker, was not related to the previous thefts which have occurred in Campus Rec," McGowan said. She added an undisclosed amount of money was missing upon its discovery.

An English tourist reported leaving her wallet in the women's bathroom at The Spoke, however she returned to find the wallet missing the $300 which had been inside, McGowan said. "The individual reported to have left the belonging unattended for only five minutes."

On Sept. 28, a student was issued a warning after the UPD were notified the student was making threatening telephone calls to a professor. "We've identified a concern," McGowan said. "We're providing a means to rectify any miscommunication that might have happened." McGowan explained the student will be charged if the calls persist.

The UPD was also called to Saugeen-Maitland Hall to issue a writ of trespassing to a male who was identified as having problems with Saugeen's staff. "He was issued a writ, which means next time he is found to be within a Western residence he will be charged with trespassing," she explained.

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