Volume 93, Issue 21

Tuesday, October 5, 1999


Cartoon was blatantly disrespectful

Webster's gives meaning

Cartoon half-baked

Admin. castrates the Zoo

Cartoon was blatantly disrespectful

Re: Editorial cartoon Sept. 24

To the Editor:

I cannot understand the motivation behind the editorial cartoon about the UWO Graduate Teaching Assistants Union. I can't believe that anyone who actually listened to the speakers or read any of the information that was distributed would make such a mockery of this event.

This cartoon illustrates the blatant disrespect The Gazette editorial board has for both the Graduate Teaching Assistants and the undergraduates whom they teach at this university. This event was focused on providing information to the UWO community about current issues affecting their GTAs.

We wanted people to know that GTAs are in negotiations with the university for a new employment contract and that these negotiations have broken down and are headed into arbitration. The main issue causing this impasse was GTA income and its relationship to tuition.

The university refuses to acknowledge any correlation between tuition and wages, despite the fact that being a full-time student (paying full tuition) is a condition of employment.

In the past six years, a GTA's tuition has increased 96 per cent while gross income has not even kept up with inflation. Your cartoon was an insult to a large group of people on this campus who work very hard to make this university run and who are finding it very difficult to survive on the current income they receive.

Your choice of words in referring to this issue was inappropriate. Rather than showing a sense of responsibility and engaging with student issues – the purpose (I would hope) of a university newspaper – The Gazette is helping to perpetuate a situation which is in fact quite serious and detrimental to both graduate and undergraduate students on this campus.

I can only hope that this was an unfortunate oversight on the part of The Gazette and that we can start counting on your support in the future as well as an accurate account of events and issues affecting this university.

Tom Doyle
UWO-GTA Union,
Information Committee Chair
Electrical Engineering PhD

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