Volume 93, Issue 21

Tuesday, October 5, 1999


Cartoon was blatantly disrespectful

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Cartoon half-baked

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Cartoon half-baked

Re: Editorial cartoon Sept. 24

To the Editor:

In last Friday's Sept. 24 edition of The Gazette, cartoonist Colin Butler depicted representatives of Western's teaching assistants as a "whiners club."

Though I was tempted not to respond to Mr. Butler's juvenile, reactionary display of half-baked, political criticism, my better principles motivate me to remind him of the following:

Graduate teaching assistants play a key role in innovative research projects at Western and also help maintain the quality of your education by teaching and mentoring undergraduate students

Graduate teaching assistants at Western haven't had a raise in the last six years, while tuition has soared

Currently, graduate teaching assistants at Western bring home a pittance after paying for tuition

In the future, I hope Mr. Butler does not see fit to ridicule those who simply seek respect for their dedication and hard work to Western's educational experience.

If for any other reason than enlightened self-interest, Mr. Butler should also recognize that having stressed out, poverty stricken TAs does not bode well for the sanity of those who grade his work.

Joel Harden
Ontario Chair
Canadian Federation of Students

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