Volume 93, Issue 21

Tuesday, October 5, 1999


Cartoon was blatantly disrespectful

Webster's gives meaning

Cartoon half-baked

Admin. castrates the Zoo

Admin. castrates the Zoo

Western's administration has put money, time and effort into trying to rid the university of its party image. But instead of sanctioning the school as a whole, they have picked one target for the hunt – and it's almost extinct.

I arrived at Western three years ago, like 1,200 other frosh assigned to Saugeen-Maitland Hall as my home away from home. As every former Saugeener will tell you, it was the best time in my university career and probably my life.

It is this experience administration would love to see stopped. During my three short years at this university, I have witnessed the slow progress administration has made silencing the mighty roar of "the Zoo."

In my frosh year there were 99 building sophs who actually lived in the confines of the residence. The year after, in-house sophs were cut in half and the rest of us were forced to commute to and from the building.

This year, the number of Saugeen sophs was reduced to 36.

Sophs provide valuable experience to first-year students about university life, they know the ins and outs of residence living and most importantly, they pass down tradition and keep the history of Saugeen alive. You take away sophs, you take away history and you take away the future.

Next, administration cut the vocal chords of Saugeen by disbanding their students' council. Two years ago, Saugeen's council was made up of people like University Students' Council President SzeJack Tan who organized events ranging from academic seminars and athletic activities to social events. Saugeen has had no representation at every USC meeting which has taken place since the beginning of the school year.

Housing and ancillary services' vendetta against Saugeen is one which is both unfair and unreasonable – punishment by means of association is not only oppressive it's unconstitutional. Why should this year's first-year students not be given the same experiences that I and every other "Geener" before me has had?

Why? Because Big Brother housing watches everything the Zoo does and even the smallest of slip ups results in a tightening of the noose. So while the cost of books, residence living and tuition keep rising, administration continues to put all its resources into killing Saugeen.

Well, mission accomplished and congratulations, housing – the Zoo is almost dead!

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