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Tuesday, October 5, 1999


'Stangs destroy Golden Hawks

Rugby men squeak by Queen's

Mustangs out 'polo' Perdue

'Stangs sweep out the Badgers

'Stangs sweep out the Badgers

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I WONDER WHY PEOPLE ALWAYS ASK ME IF I TAKE BALLET? Jordan Caldwell of the Western tennis team used some fancy foot work in last weekend's tennis action against Brock.

By Anthony Thomas
Gazette Staff

Game. Set. Match. The Western Mustang men's tennis team shut out Brock University 7-0 in match play when the Badgers visited Western Saturday.

Badger coach Tom Craig said he felt his players put in a good effort, but the Mustangs were just too strong. "The Western team is tough and played a lot of good matches," he said.

Western's Asier Ania said he was thrilled by his team's performance and is confident great things await this team. "We're playing much better than we played last week," he said. "We pretty much wiped them off the court.

"Next weekend is Thanksgiving and we're going to have some time off and the following week we're just going to be two weeks better," Ania added.

Mustang head coach Anthony Glavanic was pleased with the win, but noted Western's next opponents, the University of Toronto and Queen's University, will be a greater challenge. "We have to be ready to play two of the top teams of the [Ontario University Athletic] league," he said.

Chris Boyd of Brock had some words of wisdom for Western's future matches against Queen's. "Western better be ready because it's going to be tight," he said. "I think that there is more talent on Western, but I don't know if Western has the grit. I know that Queen's is really gritty, but I don't think that they have the talent that Western has."

However, Ania said he felt the Mustangs are loaded with grit and are prepared to face both Queen's and McMaster in the playoffs. "We have the grit, we have the guys that can pull out the big points," he said.

Ania added he knows what it feels like to win a championship – he was a member of last year's OUA championship club. He said he feels it is an advantage for Western to have only three returning players. "The grit comes in from the new players coming in and wanting that championship."

Glavanic said he expects veterans Ania and Jamie Dunnett to win every week and the team to pick up the doubles point. From there, the team only needs to win one match out of four to get the victory. He said he is confident his club has what it takes to repeat as champions.

"Last year I thought we stole the championship, similar to the '86 [Montreal] Canadiens, but this year is more of a team that can win," he said. "This team is more like the old [Canadiens] '70s clubs."

Glavanic drew many comparisons between the Mustang tennis team and the 1970s Montreal Canadiens. Since Glavanic has coached the Mustangs, the team has won five championships in 10 years

"We're trying to build this team as a [National Hockey League] hockey playoff team, like the Montreal Canadiens used too, keep building every week, every month, toward a common goal."

Glavanic said he knows it is not always the most talented team that wins the championship. "Whoever wants it the most will win," he said. "I think that we have more talent than the other teams but that doesn't mean anything if the other guys want it more."

Glavanic said he wants the entire team to play like what he calls his scrappers – Dunnett, Ania and Shawn Wienberg. "The other guys all have the ability to be scrappers, but it's a matter if they really want it enough," he said. "I want to make sure they really want it."

The men have two weeks to prepare to take on Toronto and Queen's in Toronto on Oct. 16.

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