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Wednesday, October 6, 1999


Tuition freeze called for by med council

OUSA prepares to tackle tuition

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OUSA prepares to tackle tuition

By Nina Chiarelli
Gazette Staff

The Ontario University Student Alliance thinks the government is not doing its job where post-secondary tuition is concerned and the alliance is making sure the government hears all about it.

A recently released OUSA report, entitled "Beyond the Breaking Point: Recommendations for a New Tuition Fee Policy," includes two fundamental recommendations for the provincial government. The recommendations are necessary in order to rectify the tuition crisis plaguing Ontario's post-secondary education institutions, said Ryan Parks, OUSA's executive director.

According to Parks, the two recommendations OUSA would like to see are a post-secondary tuition freeze and increased per capita public funding for Ontario universities by the provincial government,

"Tuition fees are too high already and accessibility is being affected," he said. Parks added because Ontario is in the second year of a two year provincial education framework policy, the issue of high tuition needs to be addressed. "It's time to make the right decision," he said.

OUSA members are hoping the report will make a lot of sense to the Ministry for Training, Colleges and Universities, Parks said.

Parks added a number of OUSA's past policies have gained attention with the government and hopes to bring the recent recommendations to the forefront. "Our paper is very persuasive and has some key points," he said.

Kerry Kinkaid-Delaney, spokesperson for the Ministry, said although she has not yet seen the report she looks forward to reviewing it. "There hasn't been an announcement yet about future spending, but we're in the second year of our two year education policy so we will be sitting down and discussing it," she said.

The Ministry will be allocating $742 million in capital funding to universities and colleges sometime this fall for structural modernization, building and renovating, Kinkaid-Delaney said, adding she could not predict where educational spending was going.

Mark Kissel, the University Students' Council VP-education agreed with Parks about the state of Ontario's post-secondary education tuition. "Our tuition has been going up every year and we want to make sure that the government knows that the cost of tuition is too high," he said.

OUSA, which includes Western as one of its member schools, is planning its first ever provincial campaign, Kissel said.

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