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Wednesday, October 6, 1999


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Reputation shouldn't alter action

Re: "Tanning reinforces stereotypes" Oct. 1

To the Editor:

Although Western may hold the stereotype of being a university for "snobby, rich kids," I firmly believe that all must have been aware of this before they decided to attend this university.

If one was so opposed to this supposed reputation, why did they choose Western over the great number of other universities Ontario has to offer? If there is sufficient demand for a tanning salon in the University Community Centre, why not install one?

Even if it does have "the potential to attract negative attention," why is this of concern? Surely we are not going to dictate our behaviour on the basis of what others may think. If the so called, "rich, snobby" people want to tan, let them.

If they don't, The Cottage Tanning Company will cease to exist and no more time will have to be wasted worrying about it.

Purple and Proud!,

Ashley Nixon
Arts I

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