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Wednesday, October 6, 1999


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Charity a run away success

To the Editor:

The 1999 Terry Fox Team is pleased and proud to announce our record-shattering total for this year – $12,881.10 was raised on the run day, helping to bring our fundraising total up to nearly $21,000!

We'd like to thank each and every one of our volunteers and participants. The spirit, enthusiasm and record participation on Sunday, Sept. 19 was thrilling and we would not have been nearly as successful if it had not been for all of our wonderful volunteers, as well as several Western fraternities, sororities and varsity teams.

Honourable mentions go out to Jon Doyle, Karen DiNino and Renee Pettypiece who raised phenomenal amounts of pledges – $1,000.57, $325 and $260 respectively.

We'd like to congratulate the faculty of health sciences for being the faculty to raise the most money! Their total was $3,113.51 – special thanks to Erica Jaseliunas for all of her hard work.

Off-campus is eons ahead of all the residences in fundraising, due largely to Erica Ward's fantastic effort, but Delaware is close behind thanks to Natalie Mathieu.

We are so excited to announce to Western that this year's Terry Fox Run in Ontario raised $6.2 million, an increase of 19 per cent (or $1 million) and that participation was increased by 28 per cent.

We just received a letter from the run's provincial director specially thanking Western. She told us that we've beaten all other Canadian universities by far and her direct quote was: "UWO rocks and puts Queen's and Mac to shame!"

Western, you've made us proud and you've made every ounce of our efforts worth it. Thank you for helping to raise money for a cause so close to everyone's heart.

Sincerely, in the spirit of Terry Fox,

The Terry Fox Team:
Jen Hollowell
Alain Brandon
Gillian Cousineau
Erin Dedman
Jamie de Guerre
Tara MacNeil
Ashley MacNeill
Reed Osler

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