Volume 93, Issue 22

Wednesday, October 6, 1999


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King's misses family love

To the Editor:

As a student receptionist at King's College, I am confronted with questions and complaints from our students. Quite a bit of animosity seems to be felt by King's, as well as other affiliated college students, who are made to feel left out of the "Western family."

While working my regular Wednesday evening shift, a student came into my office requesting to call Western's vehicle assistance because he had locked his keys in his car. I had never heard of the service before and wondered why that was.

I soon realized why when he hung up the phone and told me they refused him assistance because "they didn't come to King's." I couldn't believe it.

I was under the impression that King's was affiliated with Western and therefore entitled to their services, with as many rights as any other main campus student.

Don't affiliated students pay the same ancillary and activity fees as main campus students do? If vehicle assistance is something paid for collectively by Western students then all paying customers should have equal access to it.

I know that there has been many concerns about affiliated/main campus relations in the past and a lot of attempts have been made to bridge this gap. But even though King's is the farthest affiliate (geographically) from main campus, it honestly isn't that far (speaking as one who walks that route almost daily).

So "we don't come to King's" is not an excuse, or a way to make affiliates feel any more a part of the "Western family."

Anna Fleet
Honours English

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