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Thursday, October 7, 1999


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Despite opening with two lesbians having oral sex in a wind-swept field, don't be fooled – the movie Ship Wreck is much closer to the social commentary found in Lord Of The Flies than the wall to wall, all cum-shots, all the time style of porn most viewers seek.

Armed with ample dialogue, breathtaking landscapes and relatively extensive plot development, director Paul Thomas and writer Tony G. have confirmed the cliche that there is an exception to every rule. Together they have created the film Ship Wreck, which certainly defies the expected bounds of the pornographic genre.

"There's a contrast of good and evil going on. It's about the conflict and the sexuality of the people on the island," says cast member Mickey G. about the movie in the "behind the scenes" clip which rolls after the ending credits.

Although this description may be a bit too profound, the movie, which falls under the couples appeal category of porn, does actually make a hardy attempt to examine the psyches of its characters and build semi-substantial storylines around them.

As the witty yet subtle title suggests, Ship Wreck is about a boating disaster which leaves eight people stranded together on an island somewhere in the Pacific. The story follows the group as they learn about themselves and consequently, their various orifices, as well as exploring group psychology and the inevitable emergence of a leader – a burly young fellow named Stefan.

Also among the group is Veronica, who mostly enjoys alone time, a couple named Mark and Jenny, who surprisingly run into relationship troubles and Chester, an incredibly unattractive man who contributes the token perm to the film. There is also Anna, a plain old frisky lass and two other women who generally keep to themselves, because they are feminists, not lesbians, as they confirm.

Writer Tony G. has done an incredible job of individualizing each character. One almost feels as if they know Veronica, Mark, Chester and the rest of the gang by the time the real captain arrives and usurps Stefan and Veronica.

Of course, Tony's concentration on plot and character does take up room on the reel usually reserved for explicit and bountiful porking. Although Ship Wreck is replete with sex scenes, oral, anal and otherwise, it certainly lies far outside the typical style of porn.

Further, the sex is not overly adventurous, considering the exotic locale of the film. Kudos here go to cinematographer Ralph Parfait whose creative foliage and sweeping landscape shots rival that of Dr. Zhivago.

Others might also be disappointed with the performance of reputed porn star Lexus. She never really appears interested in what she is doing, leaving her orgasms as fake as her hair and breasts (which undoubtedly helped her stay afloat during the sinking).

While the film is largely plot-driven, there were some problems with the overall script. For instance, it's just too hard to swallow that these people would maintain such horniness after not eating or practicing any hygiene for several days. One may also call the seemingly endless supply of condoms on the deserted island into question. More astute viewers might also have a problem with the perpetual sneaker-wearing done by the females.

Ship Wreck certainly won't satisfy any audiences looking for constant or innovative sex. The crowd it will please are those willing to invest the time into appreciating the beauty of a lush island and getting to know the characters, inside and out. After all, as Stefan suggests in the film, on the island "people are just people."

–Sara Martel

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