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Thursday, October 7, 1999


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Headline was degrading in nature

Re: "Schizo found not guilty" Sept. 17

To the Editor:

I am writing regarding the Sept. 17 article entitled, "Schizo found not guilty." When I read that title, I cringed. The article itself was well written and informative. However, the title illustrated poor judgment and insensitivity.

I understand that the editors of The Gazette want their newspaper to be sensational and to attract a wide readership. Therefore, by using such a controversial and eye-catching title, more people would, perhaps, read the article.

But of the people who read The Gazette, almost one in 100 are personally affected by schizophrenia. Choosing to use the derogatory word "schizo" shows little awareness of and sensitivity to those readers.

"Schizo" is as harmful and hurtful as using the word "retard" in a headline referring to someone who is developmentally delayed. It is as painful as derogatory words attacking homosexuals or persons of colour.

In writing future articles, I hope that The Gazette's editors will show more discretion and compassion towards people affected by mental illness.

Erin Morris
Health Sciences I

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